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Affiliate Registration

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    1. 21zoom.com is an online retail store owned and operated by eLifeStyle 4 U Pte Ltd.

    2. Persons with the intention to be considered as a Sales Rep, must register in the portal 21zoom.com.

    3. Appointment of individuals as a Sales Rep is not automatic upon registration; and requires the approval of the management of eLifeStyle 4 U Pte Ltd.

    4. eLifeStyle 4 U Pte Ltd can terminate the appointment of Sales Rep for any individual, at any time, with a one month notice period, without the need to provide any reason whatsoever.

    5. Sales Reps are independent business people, operating on their own, as individuals, on commission basis. Sales Reps are not employees of eLifeStyle 4 U Pte Ltd and/or 21zoom.com, and are strictly prohibited from representing themselves as employees of the company.

    6. eLifeStyle 4 U Pte Ltd can terminate the appointment of Sales Rep for any individuals or groups immediately on the following instances:

    a. Where the Sales Rep breaches any terms and conditions listed in this document.

    b. Where the Sales Rep misrepresents the products, the features, price, promotions and any other business / product related information in relation to 21zoom.com and/or eLifeStyle 4 U Pte Ltd.

    c. Where the Sales Rep is convicted of any crime involving jail term or fine above S$ 5,000.00 d. Where the Sales Rep misrepresents himself / herself as an employee of eLifeStyle 4 U Pte Ltd and/or 21zoom.com

    7. In the event of a termination of the individual from the appointment of a Sales Rep, the individual will be paid whatever commissions are due to them for past transactions, and will cease to earn commissions for any future deals, from the termination date onwards.

    8. Notice of termination of an individual, as a Sales Rep of eLifeSytle 4 U Pte Ltd and 21zoom.com can be communicated via any of the following modes, and does not require any acknowledgement from the individual for such a termination to take effect:

    a. Email
    b. SMS


    1. Upon successful application as a Sales Rep, Sales Rep will be issued a unique and individualized Sales Rep Code.

    2. Sales Reps are required to market the portal 21zoom.com and increase the sale of its products using his / her own resources and contacts.

    3. In order to earn Commissions, the customers who are referred by Sales Reps to 21zoom.com and purchases from 21zoom.com, must enter the Sales Rep Code, in the appropriate space provided in the portal. Once the Sales Rep Code is entered, all purchases from the customer, from here onwards, will earn commissions for the Sales Rep.

    4. If the customer of any Sales Rep (original Sales Rep) applies to a Sales Rep himself / herself, the original Sales Rep will cease to earn commissions from this customer.

    5. Commissions are subjected to changes from time to time without notice to Sales Rep, based on price and margin changes.

    6. Commissions will vary for different individual products and/or product groups.

    7. Commissions offered as promotions may be lower for the same item, when compared with purchases on normal, non-promotional prices. eLifeStyle 4 U Pte Ltd and 21zoom.com will make such changes to commissions, as and when needed, without any notice required.

    8. Withdrawal of commissions is subjected to the requirement of a minimum commission value to be accumulated, before withdrawal can be made. The minimum amount will be shown in the 21zoom.com Sales Rep page of the portal, and the minimum amount value is subjected to change, without any notice.

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